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The story of our climbing center is began many years ago with a dream of a small boy who climbed in mountains in summer and in a low basement with 2,5 meters in height in winter. The dream about high climbing gym lived for 16 years and didn’t fade. It took 3 years to find a suitable premises and money. Even a half of a year ago high climbing gym seemed to remain a project. The buildings which were offered to us needed much repair. We saw a huge number of high buildings in Saint-Petersburg but we could not find the building which could match all the conditions: close to subway, not less than 14 m in height and 1500 m2 of square, with central heating. But all good things come to he who waits. We started our search at Lesnaya station first then went to all other districts of Saint-Petersburg. But having returned to Lesnaya again we found IT! We had only two days to take a plunge. A tender was held among those who were interested in the premises. But may be glint in our eyes and crazy ideas came from the childhood did its part. We gained the premises! In addition to the building we got a piece of land which inspired us for new projects – we want to set out walls in summer and create a unique atmosphere there. And there are a lot of ideas for the opened ground starting from ice climbing in winter to bouldering and high climbing wall in summer. Meanwhile we tried to gather the best options which we saw in Russian and abroad climbing gyms. Fine service and comfort for our visitors will be united with variety of climbing walls. The holds and reliefs from the best producers (Xcult, HRT, AZTEC, DNA, Makak, AIX) are coming. The identity card of Rock Town center will be RockTopia – full imitation of real mounting with brows, tension, colonettes and cracks. And for sure it will be captivating for everyone to climb with WallTopia automatic quickdraws. The idea appeared when Rock Town team was in Finland in high climbing gym and got the adrenalin from the feeling that you have to rely on mechanism and gather your spirit to release your hands. The quickdraw occurred to be 100% reliable and draw you down smoothly. Some time ago we ran a poll among climbing fans and sportsmen in social networks about the necessity of high climbing gym. We saw climbing gyms in different countries – Austria, Germany, Finland, France, Brazil, Holland and Great Britain – and started the work. Anton Gladishev who created the boulder project in BigWall and the second hall in Skalatoria agreed to work with us. The better designer of boulder gyms we could not find. We are pleased to see everybody in our new climbing gym! We are also opened for cooperation and new.




"Try everything" is a great way to get all the rides of our climbing ceenter and spend time with fun and benefit.

The service includes:

- 1,5 hours  of climbing with a coach;

- 30 minutes of self-training on the trampoline;

- Two rounds through our "rope town". One walking consists of 6 stages with a total length of 36 meters. Despite the apparent complexity and height, all of them designed for children

(from 5 years) and adults with any level of physical form. According to the rules of all obstacles: the hammock, suspension bridge, balance beam with vines, grid, oscillating platform, the vertical logs - you have to pass not holding the rope!

- «Giant's  stairs». For walking up the “Giant's  stairs “ and jumping from it you should get all your strength together. But the next time you will climb up the stairs with a great excitement!


“The try everything” adventure costs 1400 rubles per person (for group) and 2500 rubles (individual)


The start-climb


Lesson the ”start climb” lessons includes:

- Recruitment and equipment hire;

- Theory of safety;

- Theory of rock climbing;

- Familiarity with basic skills of climbing;

- Climbing in the bouldering room;


For customers who signed up for "start climb + high wall climbing " activity include:

- climbing on the Rocktopia wall with the natural terrain, climbing on the speed wall and also climbing on the 14 meters in height wall.


The lesson with high wall climbimg costs 1100 rubles for one person. Only bouldering costs 900 rubles per person.




Just choose a suitable day for climbing and call us by the phone +7(812) 313-9-515.

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